Services and support
designed for Workday®

Workday® Integration Monitoring

Kognitiv’s Web Browser enabled Integration Monitoring Tools Includes:

  • Integration Status Dashboard
  • Enhanced visibility and analysis on Integration event success and failure rates
  • Processing Times Dashboard
  • Provides trending analysis capabilities on integration performance over time
  • Event Summary Dashboard
  • Delivered daily via email, the Event Summary provides an automated snapshot of all integration events and potential failures
  • Integration Schedule Dashboard and Alerts
  • A complete view of Integration scheduling, enabling proactive schedule extension and expiration monitoring
Workday® Integration Managed Service

Kognitiv’s Integration Managed Service is a complete end to end solution and includes:

  • 24/7 Integration Run Time Performance Monitoring
  • Around the clock monitoring of all Workday® integrations including reporting of job run times
  • Unlimited Break-Fix*
  • * Integrations who pass the Kognitiv Audit are eligible
  • Open Enrollment Updates
    (Mappings, Rates, Coverage Levels)
  • Update attribute/mappings for new Benefit Plans (within existing providers) and scheduling and delivery of Open Enrollment files for existing integrations.
  • SFTP and Key Updates
  • Vendors keep updating the keys and passwords and workday also has an expiry of certificates/keys. We could help in updating those.
  • Workday® Web Service Version updates
  • Updates to Integrations to keep them within 5 versions of the latest Workday® Web Service version.
  • Quarterly Integration Dashboard reviews
  • Presentation of key integration metrics (e.g. number of runs, average runtime by integration, number of failures)